Regina Marie Blaylock

Facing My Fears


July 23, 2019

Well it has been awhile since my last post.  I’ve been busy having fun this summer like everyone else and trying new things.  It has been an inspiring summer so far.  I faced my fear of returning to a place where many hurtful things happened to me in my first marriage.  God has shown me how peaceful I am now and those things have faded.  This time around I enjoyed the things that were memorable from the past like the many summer days on the beach with my children and their cousins, Putt-Putt Golf and of course the ice cream!    

I also, forgot I started on “Pinterest” a while ago.  During my vacation I received a message I had my first 62 pins! Hooray! In the last four weeks it has been growing!  Thanks to all of you pinner’s out there. 

I have also been exhibiting my tiles and books in local Comic Cons and Art Festivals.  Next weekend I will be at “Art in the Park” in Lincoln Park, Mi.  They are having the same Elvis Impersonator as last year.  He was a lot of fun!  I will be in an outside booth.  Stop by and say hello.

Have you ever started something new and keep running into road blocks?  Sometimes that is how I feel, but I am learning that most of the time it is because I don’t know who to ask.  For example, when I was little my Mom had a sewing business in our home.  There were seven kids.  She had us deliver flyers.  She mailed out post cards about her business.  People recommended her by word of mouth.  She had a brief advertisement in the local newspaper.  But now days you have to be on social media, have a website and you need an SEO.  So, when you go to troubleshoot a problem there are many possibilities of where the problem needs to be resolved.  These are the things I have been learning. 

Well I hope you are enjoying this summer weather.  We have had a nice break from the heat these past few days.  I encourage all of you to find something new and face your fear of starting it.  You will be surprised how God will put everything you need right in front of you!