Regina Marie Blaylock


A Peaceful Sanctuary

August 19, 2019


This summer has been very peaceful and healing for me.  I am so calm and enjoying spending time with my children.  My latest poem “In the Silence” is about being quiet and enjoying the simple things in life. It helps me to see where God is leading me.  I notice things I never noticed before when I was rushing about.  One day at the grocery store I noticed a woman struggling to pay her grocery bill and the clerk was helping her by ringing up one item at a time.  I wanted to help her but God stopped me.  She has it he said.  She is not in need.  As I was walking to my car I noticed her husband was right outside of the store waiting for her. I recently went to walk at the park with my dog.  She is a small dog so I don’t always bring her.  A woman came up to me to ask me if I was there before.  She remembers me walking there.  I never noticed her.  I just come to walk quietly and relax. 

Now, when I walk in the park I notice how on really hot days the turtles sit on a log basking in the sun.  Sometimes there are as many as a dozen turtles on one log.  I use to be interested in different types of birds.  Now, I find myself naming them when I spot them.  Yesterday, I went walking and for the first time I noticed a fish jumping in the water.  On serene, calm days near the evening I notice many swans. 

Sometimes when I awake in the morning I feel my Father close to me.  I was very close to him.  I miss him.  When I wake up and start to worry about something he is there as if he is giving me a warm hug.  When it is quiet I like to spend time listening to the world around me.  I spend time dreaming about my poetry on tiles.  I turn on piano or inspirational music when I create my tiles. The peace and calm I feel brings contentment.  It is rejuvenating. 

When you feel rushed take some time to take a quiet walk or sit still and dream!  Put on your favorite music.  You will be surprised how rested and peaceful it can be, sort of like recharging your batteries.