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Random Acts of Kindness


Today I took down the rest of the Christmas decorations except for the manger.  I love Christmas and get a little bit sad when it is all over.  The Christmas lights at night make me smile and reminds me of my childhood.  I think they inspire hope in times like these. 

     The new year rang in quietly for me, but I am looking forward to this year and a new book.  Everyday I smile because I love our new home.  Not just because I painted every room one of my favorite colors! But because when you walk in the doors it says, “home”. You know, a very welcoming feeling.  We moved here a year ago during the pandemic and a snowstorm.  I like the country setting.  Although, I am at home working virtually again, as many of us are these days.  I am encouraged by the kindness I see each day. 

     As I reflect on the past year so many ups and downs, challenges, and losses.  I feel people are reaching out to one another more.  As we go into 2022, I want to inspire all of you to give a little kindness.  Look around you in the stores.  Say hello.  Offer help.  Recognize someone who no one may acknowledge.  People are hurting.  Everyone has been touched by this Pandemic.  In 2022, let it be the year of Random Acts of Kindness.

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