Decorative Poetry Tiles

Many people find poetry and artwork inspiring when they feel lost or downtrodden. Decorative poetry gift tiles from Inspired By Gina make a wonderful keepsake to remind your loved ones — or yourself — that no one is alone and that things will get better.

Browse our selection of decorative poetry tiles and find the perfect design to bring inspiration to the lives of those you care about.

Born in the Wake of Tragedy

Inspired By Gina came to be as Gina herself was processing difficulties in her life and in the world at large. Gina originally penned many of these poems in her journal as part of a way to express her thoughts and feelings. Many of these poems also express Gina's Christian beliefs along with her faith in a loving God.

Gina began painting her poems on ceramic tiles after a special moment helping a family that had survived the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. She was inspired by the family’s story and decided to write a poem on a tile to serve as a memento of their resilience in the face of disaster. It was at this time that Gina realized that her poems could give the same reminders to others, and Inspired By Gina was born.

All of the tiles feature original poems by Gina, which she meticulously paints onto the tiles, along with colored backgrounds and floral decorations. The poems address many different audiences, represent different challenges we may face, and reference different parts of the year. Christ also features prominently in many of the decorative poetry tiles.

Many of Gina’s tiles are appropriate for bringing hope to children and young people, but anyone can benefit from the inspirational messages.

If you have any questions about the decorative poetry tiles or where Gina draws her inspiration, reach out by emailing [email protected].