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Looking For the Miracles

July 19,2022

     God has given me peace in my life.  He shelters and guides me each day.  It took me a while to release all of my fears.  God has taught me to let them go and trust in him.  Many times throughout my journey with him he has shown my fears to be false.  Now, he lifts me up.  He shows me the beauty that surrounds me.  He encourages me to look for the miracles that God brings. 

     If you would have told me two years ago I would be living in my own home again I wouldn’t have believed it.  Now, today, I am sitting by my pool on a beautiful sunny day listening to the water trickle and enjoying the silence.  This truly is a miracle!

     I recently hosted a family bridal shower here for one of my nieces.  Family and friends gathered in my new home.  If you have read my poetry you would see how I was shunned and outcast, because seven years ago I lost my home and many friends and family members. Now, they were gathering in my new home.  That is another miracle!  God is truly a powerful and loving God!

      One of my poems is titled; “Where Are the Bluebirds?”  The past few weeks God has shown me the bluebirds near my house.  I have only seen Blue Jays but no bluebirds since I moved here. This morning  while driving he showed me another one in a field by the side of the road, a small miracle but an important one to me because, it gives me hope for the future of my family.

     I recently, purchased a piano for my daughter during the holidays.  I have found myself playing it from time to time.  I am beginning to remember some of the songs I learned when I was younger and received six weeks of lessons.  I am starting to learn new songs.  A new song I just learned is “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.  A line in the song that has meaning for me is; “Somewhere over the Rainbow Bluebirds fly.”   I am over the rainbow, the bluebirds are here.  I’m taking quiet moments with God, counting my blessings and looking for his miracles.

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