God’s love is a pure and enduring love. It surpasses the test of time. Everywhere I turn he inspires and reminds me to let go of my worries. This morning I awoke and opened my blinds looking up to the sky. There amidst a deep blue periwinkle sky was a beautiful full rainbow! Love…God’s love never forsakes us. My face beamed. I prayed “Thank you Lord, for your love and never forsaking us. ”

Here, in my new home, I am at peace. Every time I begin to worry, he settles my fears, by showing me they are not real. He reminds me of his promises. He gives me hope, just like this morning.

Things are different now. The drama of the past is gone. I pray and put my hopes and dreams in his hands. For, when I was all alone, in the dark and full of fear he walked in and showed me the way to the light. I am his obedient servant, he has shown me the way into the light.

God’s love is like no other. I don’t have to fear, just stay close to him in my heart. There is a peace here I can’t explain. A peace that makes me quiet, calm and loved.

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